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How can i make the player handle more blockstates?


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In my mods i work on increasing the number of different slabs, stairs, walls, buttons and pressureplates to match all solid 16 colors materials (concrete, wool, terracotta and glazed terracotta = 64 different textures) and most of the different stone-types (about 24 different textures).


Now i have a question about stairs and buttons out of glazed terracotta (to reproduce the textures-behavior of the glazed terracotta blocks):

They already use horizontal facing for their model-rotation.

Maybe i can add a seccond similar blockstate (may named "texture_facing") and all needed model jsons and a blockstate-json, that provides all possible combinations of the two blockstate-sets.

How can i make it possible to handle all theese states ingame at placing the block?

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I still need help here



maybe for the stairs i can make the texture rotation react on rightclick on the placed block.

But how do i code this in the class for this block?


And for the button:

How can i make the targeted button block react to pressing a key on the keybord?

Maybe using a letter, that is not already used in the actual game controls to switch between the models with the different rotated textures.

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