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Gilgamesh 1.16


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Gilgamesh 1.16


Ip: GilgamshMC.tk:25568




- Welcome to Gilgamesh! We are a vanilla survival always running the latest snapshot. Our main focus is to bring people together to build towns, communities, and friendships. There are few rules to keep the server running smooth and everyone happy. While the server is currently vanilla, we plan on switching over to semi-vanilla. We plan on using Towny for basic land claim so we can prevent griefers, and encourage PVP in the wild. As a server less than a month old, we pride ourselves on improving the server with player suggestions and feedback.

- The server is run off a dedicated I7-700k. We've gone through 4 upgrades and 1 host switch, to account for player growth to make your experience as lag free as possible.




- No Griefing

- No RDM (Killing without reason)

- No stealing (Ask before taking, most people have no problem.)

- Be friendly




- We run a few amount of handpicked and community suggested data-packs to enhance the survival experience.

* Silk Touch Spawners - Harvest mob spawners with a silk touch pickaxe.

* Craft-able Item Frames - Craft one item frame with a glass pane to make an invisible item frame.

* Chest-shops/Lockable Chests - Lock your chests by throwing a signed book on top of your chest. Open your locked chest with a key with the same title as the name of your book! Find out in the server how to make a chest shop.

- Give us your feedback! We are open to more data-pack suggestions and want to hear from you!




- Join the discord for announcements, reports, updates, memes, and more!

- Invite link: https://discord.gg/zP8Kyfs


Server Settings:


* Keep-inv off

* Normal Difficulty

* Fire-spread off (Will turn on in future)

* Mob-griefing on

* Death count on scoreboard



* For new players, ask an admin to tp you to your friend. (We have RTP at spawn)

* Ask an admin to play you a music disc that follows you!

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