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Using an external library/framework?

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Not sure if this is the right thread, so move it if I'm in the wrong place.


I'm working on updating an old mod to 1.15.2, which runs a RESTful HTTP server alongside the game server that allows outside services to query information.


Originally, I had implemented this using Netty, because it is already included in any Minecraft game. However, I was unable to figure out how to get an HTTPS server running, and honestly Netty is too low-level for this project. It required like 10 different classes just to get a basic HTTP server running.


I've been looking into different libraries, and it seems like the Spring framework is something that would help me implement a RESTful API without having to re-invent the wheel 20 times first. However, I have no idea if it would even be possible to set up a mod with Spring, or how I would distribute it. Spring has tutorials on its site for setting it up with Gradle, but the sections of the build.gradle it's having me modify don't even exist in the ForgeGradle build.gradle


Can anyone help me figure out how to set this up, or suggest a different networking library that has easy HTTP/HTTPS server support?

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