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[1.14/1.15] Get world Save folder client side or detect when world is deleted


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Hi!  i want to save a json file in the world save folder, how can i locate that folder client side? i know that getWorldName() exists, but Minecrafts allows to have multiple worlds with the same name but with different folders.

An alternative could be creating a custom folder and delete it when the world gets deleted, is there any way to know when the world get deleted?

For servers I am planning to use a custom folder.


Cheers! ?

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You can access it on the server side. Check if the World is an instance of ServerWorld. If it is, use ((ServerWorld)world).getServer().getFolderName(). If you don't check if the world is an instance of ServerWorld, then getServer() returns null on the client side.

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What is the purpose of your mod? The server is responsible for save data, so the client doesn't have access to it on its own.

In multiplayer, it wouldn't make sense for clients to have access to save information since the clients are effectively merely simulating the server-side world.

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I think you want the mod to be installed on the player's client, right? Even in Single Player, both a server side and client side run side-by-side. Like imacatlolol said, the client side doesn't access world information, even in single player. The method I pointed out will work in single player worlds by targeting the game's server side without having to be connected to a dedicated server.

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