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[1.15.2] Item Property Override with both texture and model


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I have an Item that has about 8 different models. To switch between those models on runtime, I used an Item Property Override, which also works just fine.

But I now want to be able to also switch between a few different textures, that would be applied to the prevously selected model, allowing for many different model/texture combinations.


The problem is, that I don't know how I can apply only a texture in an Item Property Override.

I know that I could write a model for every single model / texture combination, but there will probably be around 100 different combinations. Doing all these models would be a pretty tedious task, and wouldn't be really efficient.


Does anyone know a solution to this problem?


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You could create a custom model that creates a model on the fly (or combines existing model) based on the itemstack properties.


There is an example of how this works for blocks; it can be adapted to items fairly easily


(see mbe04).

You could also consider using an ItemStackTileEntityRenderer (see Item.Properties.setISTER)



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Thank you for the Reply. I now pretty much followed the mbe15 from MinecraftByExample. Since it is not a chessboard and it should only change texture I changed the ChessboardFinalisedModel#getQuads
 method to this:

    public List<BakedQuad> getQuads(@Nullable BlockState state, @Nullable Direction side, Random rand) {

        ResourceLocation textureRL = new ResourceLocation("minecraft:block/diamond_block");
        AtlasTexture blocksStitchedTextures = ModelLoader.instance().getSpriteMap().getAtlasTexture(AtlasTexture.LOCATION_BLOCKS_TEXTURE);
        TextureAtlasSprite texture = blocksStitchedTextures.getSprite(textureRL);

        ArrayList<BakedQuad> quads = new ArrayList<>();

        for (BakedQuad quad : baseModel.getQuads(state, side, rand)) {
            quads.add(new BakedQuad(quad.getVertexData(), quad.getTintIndex(), quad.getFace(), texture, quad.shouldApplyDiffuseLighting()));

        return quads;

In my opinion, this should change the texture of every quad into a diamondblock texture. I am sure this method is called but the texture is just being the one declared in the json model. When I remove the one in the json model file, the texture becomes the default pink-black quads texture.

I couldn't find something in the internet with the same problem so I am coming back to this Post.


Thanks in advance!


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