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[1.15.2] Custom Recipe Type displayed in Crafting Table Recipe Book GUI


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I created a mod where I have a custom crafting table (cooking table) where you can only craft food in exchange of some bonuses. It is working fine. Now I want to create some custom recipes that can only be crafted in the cooking table. So I created a custom recipe type that implements IRecipe, and a custom serializer that I regsitered. While the recipe works like I intended, i.e. are only working in the cooking table, the problem is that they also appear in the crafting table recipe book GUI.


So I checked the vanilla code (ClientRecipeBook class) and found out that each and every recipe retrieved from the RecipeManager (regardless of the container type) is put in a certain category RecipeBookCategories, and then, following the container type, recipes that belong to a certain category are displayed. The problem is that those RecipeBookCategories are hardcoded and there seems to be no way to add an additional one or to change the criteria used to categorize the recipes.


My issue is very similar to this one 

except that my game does not crash when clicking on a cooking table recipe in the crafting table recipe book GUI (the output slot is just empty).


A solution might be to not register the recipe and deserialize it manually so it is not processed in the vanilla ClientRecipeBook but this doesn't seem very clean.


Anyone also faced this problem ? It seems quite a general issue when creating a custom crafting table/furnace. Thanks!

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Ok so in case someone has the same issue, what I ended up doing was tweaking my canFit method in my custom recipe type so that it always returns false unless a boolean flag is true. The flag is set to true when the recipe was accessed from my custom crafting table. This prevents the recipe from being displayed in the crafting table as canFit will return false. It's kind of a hack but it works fine.


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