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[Closed] Blockstates question: Multi-layer model and multipart?


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This is more of a question of whether this is possible, not so much how its done, that part I can figure out if I know its possible. My issue is as follows: I have a blockstate file for a block that defines a multi-part structure as to change the model depending on different things like sides. I also have a need to use a multi-layer model as to allow for a translucent glowing overlay over the model. In my testing I was not able to define both, as in once I add in the multi-layer aspect it no longer loads due to variants not being found, but attempting to place the multi-part within the variants leads to them once again not loading in, as in:


"forge_marker": 1,
		"defaults": {
			"model": "forge:multi-layer",
			"custom": {
				"base": "radiance:edge_lamp_white#base",
				"Solid": "radiance:edge_lamp_white#base",
				"Translucent": "radiance:edge_lamp_white#glow"
			"transform": "forge:default-block"
    "base": [{
      "custom": { "flip-v": true },
      "model": "radiance:edge_lamp_white"
    "glow": [{
      "model": "radiance:edge_lamp_glow", "textures": { "overlay": "radiance:blocks/glow" }


this creates the translucent part correctly, but separate from this I have


"multipart": [
        {   "when": {"OR":[{ "north": true }, {"north":false,"south":false,"west":false,"east":false}]},
            "apply": { "model": "radiance:edge_lamp_glow" }
        {   "when": {"OR":[{ "east": true }, {"north":false,"south":false,"west":false,"east":false}]},
            "apply": { "model": "radiance:edge_lamp_glow", "y": 90  }
        {   "when": {"OR":[{ "south": true }, {"north":false,"south":false,"west":false,"east":false}]},
            "apply": { "model": "radiance:edge_lamp_glow", "y": 180 }
        {   "when": {"OR":[{ "west": true }, {"north":false,"south":false,"west":false,"east":false}]},
            "apply": { "model": "radiance:edge_lamp_glow", "y": 270 }
		{   "when": { "top_left": true },
            "apply": { "model": "radiance:edge_lamp_vertical"}
		{   "when": { "top_right": true },
            "apply": { "model": "radiance:edge_lamp_vertical", "y": 90 }
		{   "when": { "bottom_right": true },
            "apply": { "model": "radiance:edge_lamp_vertical", "y": 180 }
		{   "when": { "bottom_left": true },
            "apply": { "model": "radiance:edge_lamp_vertical", "y": 270 }


Is it possible to have both a multi-layer model and a multipart defined? Keep in mind the code snippets provided may not be complete, they were taken from separate models that work individually, its combining them that I can't make sense of

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Closing, but there is no close feature...why
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Which Minecraft version are you using? In 1.14.4/1.15.2, the Forge blockstates format has been deprecated/removed; and the model system has been reworked such that multi-layer models are defined in the model file itself rather than the blockstates file.

Please don't PM me to ask for help. Asking your question in a public thread preserves it for people who are having the same problem in the future.

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Ahh well that likely puts me on my own then, I'm using 1.12.2, which I know many of the users here will quickly paste in a generic message about it not being supported, regardless of the question, simply for being on a different version...


I really just want to know if its possible to do via blockstates, otherwise I'll look into doing it another method.

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I appreciate the response Choonster, others on this site are not as caring.

Closing this myself (why is there no close feature?) before a certain someone decides to remove replies and close with a generic BS response of no longer being supported. I recently replied to someone else's post trying to offer them support, and a moderator then REMOVED my reply to close their post with a generic BS response, unreal. If the stick up your ass is really that long against "unsupported" versions, then require the post to select a version, "unsupported" versions then go into a separate section, of which you can blissfully ignore, really not that difficult...you know who you are

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