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(SOLVED) Deferred Registries Fluids Problem

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It seems that either fluids or lambdas will be my number one enemy in my modding journey. In my class BlockList, I have my DeferredRegister<Block> named BLOCKS, and I'm trying to register the Sap block with this expression:

public static final RegistryObject<Block> SAP = BLOCKS.register("sap", () -> new FlowingFluidBlock(() -> (FlowingFluid)FluidList.SAP.get(), Block.Properties.create(Material.WATER).doesNotBlockMovement().noDrops()));


but it's not working, saying that the "Constructor FlowingFluidBlock(() -> {}, Block.Properties) is undefined" even though I checked and there is a constructor that takes a Supplier<? extends FlowingFluid> and a Block.Properties. (SAP is a RegistryObject<Fluid> in FluidList, that returns an instance of my FluidSap.Source fluid source block class when get() is called on it.)


I have tried casting SAP.get() to a Fluid. I have tried casting it to a FluidSap. I have tried using a return statement in a block instead of just putting the return value. I have trued so many things and cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on with the supplier. Could someone please help me?


Edit: Right after posting this, I tried casting it to a FluidSap.Source and it worked. Well, that was embarrassing...

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