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[1.15.2] [Solved] TileEntity data is reset on world load


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Hello, I am currently making my first mod and am currently struggling with tile entities. When the block is placed it is working fine, however, if i save and quit to title and start the world again, the completionBlocks list does not have anything in it. 

I tried placing breakpoints on CompletionBlockTileEntity#write and CompletionBlockTileEntity#read, and noticed read is not triggered when the world is loaded so I guess that is why completionBlocks is empty?


How do I solve this problem? Is this even the proper way of storing data for a tile entity? I read stuff about capabilities but don't really see why that should be used here.


My TileEntity

public class CompletionBlockTileEntity extends TileEntity {
    public List<MyVector> completionBlocks = null;

    private final String delimiter = "_";
    private final String nbtName = "locations";

    public CompletionBlockTileEntity() {
        if(completionBlocks == null) {
            completionBlocks = new ArrayList<>();
    // region Storage
    private String listToString() {
        return completionBlocks.stream().map(MyVector::toStringRounded).collect(Collectors.joining(delimiter));

    private List<MyVector> stringToList(String string) {
        return Arrays.stream(string.split(delimiter)).map(MyVector::new).collect(Collectors.toList());

    public CompoundNBT write(CompoundNBT nbt) {
        nbt.putString(nbtName, listToString());
        return nbt;

    public void read(CompoundNBT nbt) {
        completionBlocks = stringToList(nbt.getString(nbtName));
    // endregion


The code that sets completionBlocks.

    public void Spawn() {
        if(!world.isRemote) {
            for (Map.Entry<MyVector, BlockState> entry : structure.entrySet()) {
                BlockPos position = entry.getKey().Add(this.coordinates).toBlockPos();
                BlockState block = entry.getValue();
                if(block == BorisRegistry.completion_block.get().getDefaultState()){
                    completionBlocks.add(new MyVector(position));

            for(MyVector blockloc : completionBlocks) {
                CompletionBlockTileEntity cbte = (CompletionBlockTileEntity) this.world.getTileEntity(blockloc.toBlockPos());
                cbte.completionBlocks = completionBlocks;


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40 minutes ago, wefewdsad said:

Wow that solved it, cant believe it was that simple. Thank you very much!


You should have a look at its implementation in the super class when you override a method. In most case, you need to call the super method.

My mod: SimElectricity - High Voltages, Electrical Power Transmission & Distribution


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