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Converting EntityPlayer to Sq?


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Hi! I have a Forge-type mod (Not property of me) running on my server.


I made a CraftBukkit plugin intended to do some stuff when the player reaches a certain int value in the mod. But the Bukkit forums says this is apparently not a bukkit question enough.


This value can be easily calculated through getAlignment(sq);


When I spoke to the mod author about this, he said that EntityPlayer should do the trick. However, I tried it and it returns an error and asks me to change the type of "pp" from EntityPlayer to sq. And that returns "sq cannot be resolved to a type".



Is there a way to reobfuscate EntityPlayer to sq?


Thanks in advance,



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Is there a way to reobfuscate EntityPlayer to sq?


If you're using MCPC+ (btw, the MC Port Central forums would probably be a better place for this question; should've noted that earlier..), plugins with net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer and other NMS classes will be reobfuscated automatically.


More specifically, NMS is reobfuscated to srgnames -- net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayerMP, in this case. FML runtime-deobfuscates Minecraft and mods from obfuscated "Notch" names (sq, etc.) to srgnames, so the actual classes loaded at runtime will all be using srgnames.


Whether you're using mods or plugins, this remapping happens behind the scenes; you can use obfuscated symbols or srgnames symbols or mc-dev NMS symbols in your code, all will be automatically converted appropriately on load as needed.

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