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Minecraft Server Not Working


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Hi I'm Thomas,

I'm actually having a problem with my Minecraft server in version 1.12.2.
I created this server for me and two friends, the server is modded with Forge and I also added some plugins.
The server is actually running with "CatServer" which allows to have both mods and plugins on the same server.
The server was working really well since I created it but today I'm having some problems.
When I launch my server using the "start.bat" file, the server is perfectly running, however, when I try to connect myself, I'm stuck on "Logging In..." and Minecraft finally say "Timed Out".
When I have a look on the server "page", it said that my server crashed but I honestly don't know why.
Here's the plugins I use ClearLag, KeepItems, LaggRemover, NoRain, SkinsRestorer and WorldEdit.

Here's the mods I use : BetterPVP, BiblioCraft, Davincis Vessels, ElectrobobsWizardry, Galacticraft + ExtraPlanets, McCrayfish's Furniture, ICBM Classic, Just Enough Items, LycanitesMobs, MahouTsukai, MalisisDoor, MovingElevators, Secret Rooms and SecurityCraft.

I host the server on my PC and I usually allowed 4096M of RAM, I tried to allow less or more RAM but nothing changed, to fix that I tried to remove both mods and plugins but it's still not working, I really don't know what happen.
I hope someone will be able to help me !
Thanks in advance,


Here's a link to check what the server console display https://justpaste.it/7bgdj

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I think I found where the problem comes from, I did some research on the net and I came across a forum where someone was having a bit the same problem as me, a person then told him that it could be his minecraft world that could be corrupted, so I made a backup of the world present on my server, then I deleted the world in the folders of the server so that teh server could create a world again when I'll start it. At that point it turns out that everything works again, my server doesn't crash anymore and I can go to the new world freshly created from my Minecraft. Now I know that the problem is in my old world, I'm starting to worry because me and my friends have been working a lot on this world and I'm really worried that I'm not going to be able to access it anymore, is there any way to fix this ? 

Can a "corrupted" world be fixed ?


Thank you for your help !

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