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Using Custom Biome in Custom Dimension crashes game (getAmbientMusicType?)

Nicholas Hammond

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My biome and dimension are registered correctly and work independently of each other. I can assign any biome to my custom dimension except the biome I created for it. My biome works if you add it manually (i.e. WorldEdit //setbiome) in both the Overworld and custom dimension. However, whenever I assign it to my dimension through the BiomeProvider it crashes (it's not my BiomeProvider that isn't working, I even used pre-made ones like SingleBiomeProvider and it didn't work). Any idea how I can fix this issue? I've literally been working on it all day.


May I also add, if I create a superflat world mimicking the world-type of my dimension and assign it to the custom dimension, it works perfectly.

crash-2020-06-08_23.41.48-client.txt BackroomsLevel0Biome.java Level0Dimension.java Level0ChunkGenerator.java Level0ModDimension.java

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17 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Please do not post code as attachments.

In Level0Dimension you create a new biome instance but never register it. Biomes are registry entries and must be registered like any other registry entry.

Everything is registered I believe. I checked the game and the biome and dimension show up and function by themselves.

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30 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

This is because of your, frankly, stupid code structure.


At this point I can't see the error by just staring at the code. Please post a working Git repo.

Holy shit your advice actually helped. Sorry for the misunderstanding I didn't know what you meant at the time.

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