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[SOLVED] [1.14.4] Intellij/gradle setup to work with mod as library


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I am the developer of these mods:  Amazing Minecraft Mods, (for 1.7.10), and now I am writing mods for 1.14.4.

Everything is going very well except one thing: I want to work with Intellij and use one of my mods as library methods for another mod.


What I have:

1. Two mods called InventoryPlus and HostileLands (these are the main mods)

2. Another mod called GnRSharedLib (this is a mod but it does nothing, I just have all shared methods inside it)


I want to use GnRSharedLib mod as library for InventoryPlus and HostileLands, so I compiled the gnrsharedlib into a deob jar and changed build.gradle of inventoryPlus and HostileLands this way:

dependencies {
	minecraft 'net.minecraftforge:forge:1.14.4-28.2.10'
	compile files('../GnrSharedLib/build/libs/gnrsharedlib-1.14.4-')
compileJava {
    exclude '../GnrSharedLib/build/libs/gnrsharedlib-1.14.4-'


I can test the mod in dev environment and it works, but when I click in Minecraft MODS button and click the GnRSharedLib mod in the list, the game crashs

The same thing happens in Minecraft final release with my mods inside mods folder


This is the log:

Crash Log


If someone have an idea on how can I do this, I'll appreciate.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for english mistakes, I 'm from Brazil.


†GnR† Slash

Edited by GnRSlashSP
problem solved

†GnR† Slash

can one man truly make a difference?

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