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[Solved][1.15.2] Biomes not registering provoking ChunkGen error


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I have an issue registering my biomes since I added the structure generation (how are those linked, I don't know as they don't share anything in common), and therefore when trying to join a dimension that requires theses biomes, the game crashes as the structure generation can't get  proper bounds.

Here's the gist, and here's my repo. I inspired myself from Valhelsia Structure mod to add my tower structure to my custom dims. But as I haven't changed anything about the biome registering, I don't get why they're not registered anymore.


I hope you'll be able to help me again for this project.

Thanks anyway !

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So, I tried a bit to understand, and it seems it doesn't come from my biomes as they are in fact registered, but it comes from JigsawManager.REGISTRIES that holds a registry name "minecraft:empty".
My TowerPiece get registered correctly and added to the registries, but as Jigsaw prefers random, it appears that the "minecraft:empty" get chosen instead of my tower.
Is there a way to check where that "minecraft:empty" comes from, how to remove it or how to bypass the random property of Jigsaw ?

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