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Blocks with Custom Models [1.5.2]


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So, I want to make a new block that uses a custom model, and I have no idea where to begin.  I have Techne, but I'm not entirely sure how it works, almost all the tutorials that I found for it are for making mobs.  I would like to avoid using a Tile Entity, so my custom block can be pushed and pulled by a piston, like cauldrons and stairs can.


Almost all of the tutorials for this that I've seen are either so outdated that I can't figure out how to make them work in 1.5.2, or they use tile entities.


Any idea where I can start?

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If you dare to try to make your model through code, know enough about coding to survive, and you don't plan on making your model move (because I have no idea how that works yet)...


First go to:


And open the class:


There is a method not too far down called


This method lists lots of different render types used by different normal blocks. Hold control and click on of the method names (or just scroll down to it) to jump to the actual method. It will show you how that specific block is rendered. Fire was particularly interesting for me the past couple days and taught me a lot about how to use the tessellator. If you want to make a new block with your own renderer that renders the same as a vanilla block (for science), copy the code for it and it will be a new method in your renderer class.

Go to:


Scroll down to How can we get the block to render on both passes? and read.

The tutorial is very good. It does not go into how to draw the item in your inventory, which I am still struggling with, but instead of the drawDiamond method, you would use your copied code from the vanilla renderer. A key note here is that the vanilla renderer calls on itself a lot to do things. In the method:


a renderer is already given to you. Pass this to your drawing method and use that passed renderer instead of this.doSomethingVanillaRendererWasDoing.


If you are still reading, expect this to take a little bit of time. Experiment and try changing some of the numbers used by the tessellator to draw a vertice if your code uses the tessellator. It will teach you a lot about what does what. Refer back to this and the linked tutorial as much as necessary. Every error has a very good reason and you will find it.  :)

Read my thoughts on my summer mod work and tell me what you think!



I absolutely love her when she smiles

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