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I want to cause a player to be "captivated" by a particular block.  The idea is that every so-many ticks they will reorient to face the block, without changing their position.  (I realize this may cause the camera to jerk around; I've got that bit covered)


However, all the raytracing functions I have found so far go the other direction - they tell me where they player *is* looking, and what their angles currently are, but not what the angles *should* be to make the player look at a particular thing.   


Are there any functions available that, given the player's position and a point P, tell you what the yaw/pitch should be to make the player look at P?

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This is a vector math calculation.

1) use the two positions to define the vector offset from the player's eyes to the block (Vec_block minus Vec_Eyes)

2) use trigonometry to calculate the angles...


The LookController class shows a vanilla implementation





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