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forge installer wont open (maybe because of java) help me please

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I NEED HELP i cant open forge installer



i cant open forge installer or any unieversal data of it not even the windows installer worked. two years ago it worked fine then i stoped playing minecraft for two years then used new mods but my forge was outdated and i cant upgrade it if i dowload the file from minecraft forge it shows me that its downloaded fine but when i want to open it nothing happens i can see that its loading by the loading circle on the mouse but even after a while its still not opened i dont know if it java becaus i didnt update it for a while becaus i dont know how to update it there is no java updater on my pc. im runnng minecraft n windows 7 home edition on a  intel core i3 2100 with an AMD Radeon HD7500 series gpu and 4 gb ram (i only want to use pixelmon mod but its not working because my forge is outdated) if any information neede you can contact me. please help me as soon as posible

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