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    • Before I continue with this.   A friend in the USA contacted me and said he was banned just because of asking a legitimate question based on your suggestions you give people.   The question was about a mod for an MCForge server, and was banned then told to 'buy?' the game, now before you even try to ban me, I have means to keep coming back, and I'll keep posting this, until I get an answer, which means you'll have to ban the entire world.   Anyway, I know that MCForge is a means of adding mods to the game, but if Mojang wanted this then it would already be included into their client software, and thus when someone asks how to setup a forge server, they get told how, but then they also get told about a setting in the server.properties file that disables online mode, thus bypassing Mojang's authentication and creating what's called a 'Cracked server' , which is in itself a breach of the Mojang policies, so by you suggesting to people to 'disable online mode' is also telling them to break Mojang's rules, or are the rules only to fit one person and not another?   Even though that setting in the server.properties file leaves the game open to anyone entering it, also allows 3rd party authentication mods to be used too, such as AuthMe, and also allows 3rd part sites to use their own modded launchers to bypass Mojan's authentication servers and use their own, such as TLauncher, so by asking a question bassed on what suggestions people here give, is perfectly legit.   Oh and yes he did "BUY" the game a few years ago, and he's been actively playing on MC servers since then.   Now I'm going to spoil everyone's day, I've been talking to the Mojang development team and they are going to look into removing that setting in the server properties file so that anyone that wants to run a server "MUST' buy the game to do so, making sure that the ONLY way to authenticate is by Mojang's authentication server(s), and also they are trying to find a way to block any 3rd party launchers from accessing their servers and to use 'ONLY' their own approved launcher, be it java, desktop, or mobile, which would mean 'forge' launchers won't work.
    • 1.8 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
    • getStructureReferences gets you all the structures in the chunk. The key of the map would be Structure#getStructureName.
    • Well, the easy way to fix this is to return true from canPlayerBreakBlockWhileHolding. Of course that means that the grass will be destroyed while holding the gun instead...
    • Nvm, its actually easy, just use context.get(LootParameters.THIS_ENTITY) Thank you again! 
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