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[Solved][1.15.2] Misunderstanding of the new Render System


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I tried to port my TileEntityRenderer from 1.12.2 to 1.15.2, i've almost rewrited all.
Objectively, I want to render the fluid contained in the TileEntity


First, here is the RenderType 

public static RenderType getPedestalRenderType(ResourceLocation resourceLocation) {
        RenderType.State state = RenderType.State.getBuilder()
                .texture(new TextureState(resourceLocation, false, false))

        return RenderType.makeType(SkillsStones.MOD_ID + ":pedestal_fluid", DefaultVertexFormats.POSITION_COLOR_TEX, GL11.GL_QUADS, 256, true, false, state);


And here is the TileEntityRenderer

    private static final float MIN_HEIGHT = 0.5625f;
    private static final float MAX_HEIGHT = 0.78125f;

    public void render(TileEntityNaturalTotemPedestal tileEntityIn, float partialTicks, MatrixStack matrixStackIn, IRenderTypeBuffer bufferIn, int combinedLightIn, int combinedOverlayIn) {

        float level = ((float) tileEntityIn.getFluidTank().getFluidAmount()) / (float) tileEntityIn.getFluidTank().getCapacity();
        if(!(level > 0)) return;

        Fluid fluid = tileEntityIn.getFluidTank().getFluid().getFluid();

        ResourceLocation resourceLocation;
        int color;
        if(fluid.getAttributes().getStillTexture() != null) {
            resourceLocation = fluid.getAttributes().getStillTexture();
            color = getFluidColor(tileEntityIn.getWorld(), tileEntityIn.getPos(), fluid);
        } else if(fluid.getAttributes().getFlowingTexture() != null) {  // In case that Still Texture don't exist
            resourceLocation = fluid.getAttributes().getFlowingTexture();
            color = getFluidColor(tileEntityIn.getWorld(), tileEntityIn.getPos(), fluid);
        } else { // In case that no texture exist
            resourceLocation = Fluids.WATER.getAttributes().getStillTexture();
            color = getFluidColor(tileEntityIn.getWorld(), tileEntityIn.getPos(), Fluids.WATER);

        TextureAtlasSprite textureAtlasSprite = Minecraft.getInstance().getAtlasSpriteGetter(PlayerContainer.LOCATION_BLOCKS_TEXTURE).apply(resourceLocation);

        float uMin = textureAtlasSprite.getMinU();
        float uMax = textureAtlasSprite.getMaxU();
        float vMin = textureAtlasSprite.getMinV();
        float vMax = textureAtlasSprite.getMaxV();

        float a = 1.0F;
        float r = (color >> 16 & 0xFF) / 255.0F;
        float g = (color >> 8 & 0xFF) / 255.0F;
        float b = (color & 0xFF) / 255.0F;

        Matrix4f matrix4f = matrixStackIn.getLast().getMatrix();

        float y = MIN_HEIGHT + (level) * (MAX_HEIGHT - MIN_HEIGHT);

        matrixStackIn.translate(0, y, 0);

        IVertexBuilder buffer = bufferIn.getBuffer(SSRenderType.getPedestalRenderType(resourceLocation));

        buffer.pos(matrix4f, 0, 0, 0).color(r, g, b, a).tex(uMin, vMin).endVertex();
        buffer.pos(matrix4f, 0, 0, 1).color(r, g, b, a).tex(uMin, vMax).endVertex();
        buffer.pos(matrix4f, 1, 0, 1).color(r, g, b, a).tex(uMax, vMax).endVertex();
        buffer.pos(matrix4f, 1, 0, 0).color(r, g, b, a).tex(uMax, vMin).endVertex();


    private static int getFluidColor(World world, BlockPos pos, Fluid fluid) {
        if(fluid.isEquivalentTo(Fluids.WATER)) {
            return BiomeColors.getWaterColor(world, pos);

        return fluid.getAttributes().getColor();


In this case, i've an error that tell me that texture doesn't exists (with an Java IO FileNotFound Exception)


When i hardcode the ResourceLocation value to "minecraft:textures/block/water_still.png"

It's working but the texture look weird (also, i've a weird smooth effect)



I don't know how I can properly render my fluid.


(Sorry for approximative English)
Thanks a lot.

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