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mip map bug modded


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1.12.2 Mostly problem . I use Amd radeon 7840 video card, and amd A8 3820 processor , The essence of the bug is that when playing with a level 4 mip map, my textures look fine, but 10 minutes after the game starts, they go bad. anti-aliasing of distant blocks is corrupted, it can be seen from the link below, 6 months ago it wasn’t like that, if you need to provide absolutely all the information (clues) that I found about everything, it’s not so small. 



(1st pict is good, 2 no)

Also it breakrs on 1.7.10 but rare and fixes easy with changing 3 level to 4 and 4 to 3 (30 seconds process)

Yaroslav#8528 discord , if you have any info you can write , its will faster


Windows 10 , 64 bit 8 gb ram , allocated 5.120 MB Arguments : xms 256 M xmx 5120 

Forge : Latest

Java 8 64bit 261

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