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New SpecialSpawnerEvent Hook


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Currently, the way to implement a custom spawner is to tick a custom spawning class via WorldTickEvent on the logical server. Minecraft has 5 spawners that are marked as 'special' meaning they extend ISpecialSpawner. These are first passed into an immutable list within MinecraftServer::func_240787_a_ and then stored as a variable within server world to be called when a chunk is ticked.


I suggest a new hook that takes in a list of these 5 existing spawners along with a parameter for IServerWorldInfo. This could then be past into a new event which allows the user to add a spawner. As an option, a user might also be able to remove the other 'special' spawners as well to replace with their own. Afterwards, the hook would return an immutable list containing the special spawners. The event should not be cancelable and should not have a result. It would also be fired on the MinecraftForge::EVENT_BUS. This hook would only be called once during the initialization of the logical server as opposed to being called every tick as an alternative.


If this seems like a valid event to be implemented, I will get started on creating a PR for 1.16.

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