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Small tip for maintaining multiple mod versions

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Suppose you have a mod for 1.15.x, which you're about to update to 1.16.x (or any other two versions, really), and after you update you intend to keep adding new features to 1.16.x while back porting them to 1.15.x. And presumably you're using git branches for the different versions, or a similar version control system. Then just after you update the mod to 1.16 but before you add anything new, merge the 1.16 branch back into the 1.15 branch and overwrite all the files with the previous 1.15 versions. That way in the future when you merge new features from 1.16, git will have at least some respect for the version differences instead of treating it as a fast forward. You'll still need to modify any new code, but at least you shouldn't have to undo all the 1.16 compatibility changes from existing code too. Maybe this should have been obvious, but if I missed it for so long others might have as well.

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