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Item Property Override in 1.16

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Hello, I have a few questions about Item Property Override in 1.16:

1. Where is the correct place to call 


for adding overrides? Since calling it in Item's static initializer or constructor did not work, I managed to put it in client setup (which worked), but is it the right place?


2. It is not used by Minecraft.

I used


ItemModelsProperties.func_239417_a_(this, new ResourceLocation(MODID, "test_property")).call(stack, null, null)

in my Item class and found it is working fine. But it never gets called by Minecraft.



private void doClientStuff(final FMLClientSetupEvent event)
         ModItems.TEST_ITEM, new ResourceLocation(MODID, "test_property"),
         (stack, world, entity) -> {
            System.out.println("get property");
            return entity == null || !(stack.getItem() instanceof TestItem) ? 0.0F : (entity.ticksExisted % 4) + 1; }



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7 minutes ago, poopoodice said:

I managed to put it in client setup (which worked), but is it the right place?

FMLClientSetupEvent but use DeferredWorkQueue, since the data structures in that class are not threadsafe.


There are two methods:

func_239420_a_ which registers a property globally and func_239418_a_which registers a property for just that item.


Show your model, if your model does not use the override it won't get called.

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Thanks for the reply.

This model works back in 1.15, and I've compared it with bow's item model but can't really figure out anything.

Item model:

    "parent": "item/generated",
    "textures": {
        "layer0": "planttech2:items/test_item"
    "overrides": [
        { "predicate": { "test": 0 }, "model": "planttech2:item/test_item_0" },
        { "predicate": { "test": 1 }, "model": "planttech2:item/test_item_1" },
        { "predicate": { "test": 2 }, "model": "planttech2:item/test_item_2" },
        { "predicate": { "test": 3 }, "model": "planttech2:item/test_item_3" },
        { "predicate": { "test": 4 }, "model": "planttech2:item/test_item_4" }
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