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    • Ok so this is from the first library. This is a library for multible mods. I did not  create any part of it, so I don't know what some parts.     public static Field findField(Class<?> clazz, String srg) { try { String remapped = ObfuscationReflectionHelper.remapName(srg); Field f = clazz.getDeclaredField(remapped); f.setAccessible(true); return f; } catch (Exception e) { throw new RuntimeException(e); } } The method remapName(INameMappingService.Domain, String) in the type ObfuscationReflectionHelper is not applicable for the arguments (String)   public IvWorldData(CompoundNBT compound, MCRegistry registry) { compound = compound.copy(); // Copy since ID fix tags are being removed when being applied final DataFixer fixer = DataFixesManager.getDataFixer(); blockCollection = new IvBlockCollection(compound.getCompound("blockCollection"), registry); tileEntities = new ArrayList<>(); tileEntities.addAll(NBTTagLists.compoundsFrom(compound, "tileEntities")); tileEntities.forEach(teCompound -> NBTStateInjector.recursivelyApply(teCompound, registry, false)); tileEntities.replaceAll(teCompound -> NBTUtil.update(fixer, TypeReferences.BLOCK_ENTITY, teCompound, 0)); entities = new ArrayList<>(); entities.addAll(NBTTagLists.compoundsFrom(compound, "entities")); entities.forEach(entityCompound -> NBTStateInjector.recursivelyApply(entityCompound, registry, false)); tileEntities.replaceAll(teCompound -> NBTUtil.update(fixer, TypeReferences.ENTITY, teCompound, 0)); } The method update(DataFixer, DefaultTypeReferences, CompoundNBT, int) in the type NBTUtil is not applicable for the arguments (DataFixer, DSL.TypeReference, CompoundNBT, int)   public static void moveEntityDefault(Entity entity, BlockPos dist) { if (entity instanceof EntityHanging) { EntityHanging entityHanging = (EntityHanging) entity; BlockPos hangingPosition = entityHanging.getHangingPosition().add(dist); entityHanging.setPosition(hangingPosition.getX(), hangingPosition.getY(), hangingPosition.getZ()); } else { entity.setPosition(entity.getPosX() + dist.getX(), entity.getPosY() + dist.getY(), entity.getPosZ() + dist.getZ()); } if (entity instanceof CreatureEntity) { CreatureEntity entityCreature = (CreatureEntity) entity; EntityCreatureAccessor.setHomePosition(entityCreature, entityCreature.getHomePosition().add(dist)); } } EntityHanging cannot be resolved to a type   public static List<ServerPlayerEntity> getPlayersWatchingChunk(World world, int chunkX, int chunkZ) { if (world.isRemote || !(world instanceof ServerWorld)) { return Collections.emptyList(); } ArrayList<ServerPlayerEntity> playersWatching = new ArrayList<>(); ServerWorld server = (ServerWorld) world; PlayerChunkMap playerManager = server.getPlayerChunkMap(); List<ServerPlayerEntity> mpplayers = server.getPlayers(); playersWatching.addAll(mpplayers.stream().filter(player -> playerManager.isPlayerWatchingChunk(player, chunkX, chunkZ)).collect(Collectors.toList())); return playersWatching; } PlayerChunkMap cannot be resolved to a type The method getPlayerChunkMap() is undefined for the type ServerWorld   public static Effect[] readNBTPotions(String id, CompoundNBT compound) { if (compound.contains(id)) { ListNBT nbtTagList = compound.getList(id, Constants.NBT.TAG_STRING); Effect[] potions = new Effect[nbtTagList.size()]; for (int i = 0; i < potions.length; i++) potions[i] = Effect.read(nbtTagList.getCompound(i)); return potions; } return null; } public static void writeNBTPotions(String id, Effect[] potions, CompoundNBT compound) { if (potions != null) { ListNBT nbtTagList = new ListNBT(); for (Effect p : potions) nbtTagList.add(p.write(new CompoundNBT())); compound.put(id, nbtTagList); } } The method read(CompoundNBT) is undefined for the type Effect The method write(CompoundNBT) is undefined for the type Effect   @Override public boolean removeEntity(Entity entity) { world.removeEntity(entity); return true; } The method removeEntity(Entity) is undefined for the type World   @Override public List<Entity> getEntities(AxisAlignedBB bounds, @Nullable Predicate<? super Entity> predicate) { return worldData.entities.stream() .filter(nbt -> { ListNBT pos = nbt.getList("Pos", 6); return bounds.contains(new Vec3d(pos.getDouble(0), pos.getDouble(1), pos.getDouble(2))); }) .map(nbt -> EntityType.create(nbt, IvTileEntityHelper.getAnyWorld())) .filter(predicate) .collect(Collectors.toList()); } Cannot infer type argument(s) for <R> map(Function<? super T,? extends R>)
    • Hello, my forge server keep crashing. Crash log:   I need help as soon as possible.
    • Why not use a tag for this instead of a config file?
    • trying to use a config file to load a list of item:ids from a config file defined using defineList. ["minecraft:apple", "minecraft:dried_kelp", "minecraft:melon_slice",[minecraft.apple] to be used by TemptGoal as one example. this.goalSelector.addGoal(4, new TemptGoal(this, 1.2D, false, TEMPTATION_ITEMS)); TempGoal uses (Ingredient temptItemsIn). Since Ingredient does not have a ".add" how do I turn the array, a array, well any array into something I can pull from a config and into a Ingredient. Hard coded would look something like this... Ingredient TEMPTATION_ITEMS = Ingredient.fromItems(Items.CARROT, Items.POTATO, Items.BEETROOT); Anyone got any ideas or can point me in the right direction and I hop this makes sense. I saw the fromStream but it goes over my head and I have yet to find a good example of the streams being used. Thanks.
    • ok, i've managed to fix my issue by getting the block hit coords and setting the entity pos to these hit coords, and its working The impact effect is always reacting as expected, but sometimes, rarely, particles dont spawn, but the sound effect does play properly, so thats a bit weird.
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