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(Minecraft Modding 1.12.2) How do i give my modded block a smelting gui with unique recipes?


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I am making a block in my mod called a Grinder and I want it to grind raw beef into patties, I want to use a smelting interface but I don't know how I could make it so the raw beef to ground beef recipe only works in my modded block? I don't want people to be able to just smelt raw beef into ground beef because it wouldn't make sense. Does anyone know how to do this? I'm using eclipse if thats important.

im using 1.12.2 forge in order to mod this and i've been working at it for a few days. The grinder block would have exactly the same gui, which i kind of know how to make, but i dont know how i could give unique recipes. i want putting raw beef into the gui to only make ground beef if its in a grinder and not work in a furnace

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