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[Unsolved] Texture location with non-standard modding environment


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I have set-up my Eclipse modding environment according to this tutorial:


And I was wondering where to put my mod textures. I tried making a resource folder then adding mods/myrmecology (the mod name)/textures/blocks and then adding my texture there but it won't show up in-game. I have confirmed that I'm registering an icon with the correct name and directory.


Where do my textures go with this non-standard modding environment?

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When you start to test your mod, at the console, it will tell that it searched for your items textures, if yout take a look, you will see where is it ;)


But i think that if you put








Ps: the image dont need to be mod.png ;)

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You seem to need to put it into the same source folder as your code since the 1.5 (at least I've been unable to get it to work like that)


(just showing my packages for an example of what i mean)


in textures there are /items/ and /blocks/ sub directories.

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