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Help making fire sword in 1.15.2


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42 minutes ago, atmosaveer said:

All tutorials I have found don’t work. What should the class include and what code is needed to make the firesword. Also, what do I need to do in my registry handler class to register it as a sword. (Fire sword meaning fire aspect)

Make a sword, register using the methods in the docs, and have it enchant on recipe creation. Boom, fire sword.


Also, if you're trying to directly copy and paste from someone elses work (who probably just stole from someone else), learn java before you start modding. Then, spend time actually understanding what you are writing.

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29 minutes ago, atmosaveer said:

I have been doing java for a year. I DO understand what I am writing, I just don’t know the methods and format used in Minecraft Modding. Also, I don’t want to enchant it. It shouldn’t show any enchantment. 

Not a good idea to start a sentence off with all the tutorials don't work then. It implies that you are doing the try and true method of copy-paste.

Also, you shouldn't mention fire aspect then since that's an enchantment.


Otherwise, look at Item::hitEntity and Entity::setFire.

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15 minutes ago, atmosaveer said:

I have tried to do “set fire.” It works. However, mobs still DROP uncooked meat.

That's either a problem with loot tables (which is doubtful as it works fine) or you aren't setting the information on the server. You can even put a breakpoint at EntityFlagsPredicate::test to see if this is the case.

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