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Transfering old mods to eclipse


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Hey, yes, yet another question from me, but each answer gets me closer to my achievements, but anyways, back on topic. I got old mod files from an earlier mod but I messed up when updating the mod so instead I restarted moddig and started with a clean map, but now I'd like to put my mods back into my clean map, how do I do this ? I tried to place my mod folder everywhere, but none worked, any suggestions ? Thank you.

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To put your mods back into your MCP folder to recompile it, you go to where your Eclipse workspace is stored.

Mine is stored at "C:\Develpoment\Eclipse"

You then open the folder that should be the name of your project. Mine is "MscHouses"

Inside the folder there (should be) the following items:


.settings (a folder)



bin (a folder)


open up your bin folder. You should now be in "C:\<PATH TO YOUR ECLIPSE WORKSPCE>\<YOUR PROJECT NAME>\bin"


In the bin folder there is a folder that has the start of your package. So if the package was "com.blah.blah1" you wouold see "com" as the folder.


copy the folder and ALL its contents to your <MCP DIRECTORY>\src


Run Recompile.bat/.sh and reobfuscate/sh



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