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Help me with making Tameable mob AI.


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Heyo, everybody. We're with my friend are going to create Java mod for 1.12.2. I made mod main and all other things. Mod will include tameable entities,  so I tried to made Tameable mob AI, but not all functions working right. If you know, what I need to rewrite here, please answer me, don't ignore me, please! 🥺KrashEntity.java


P.S. I have mistackes in



this.setPathToEntity((PathEntity) null);
this.setTarget((Entity) null);

mistackes in setPathEntity and PathEntity and set Target


this.setPathToEntity((PathEntity) null);

 and this (also in setCommandFeedback)


and also this in "interact"

return super.interact(par1EntityPlayer);
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