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Brief Guide to the Top 5 Best Leatherman Multitools, Ranked in Order


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If you happen to be Leatherman’s biggest fan and fell in love with the brand’s famous multitool products, you can rest assured that you are definitely not the only one. For those folks who are unaware of what a multitool is, well it is a portable and flexible tool that incorporates many individual and different pieces of functionality into one single design for convenience.

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And among all the multitool brands on the market, a huge number of adventurous campers and hunters as well as a majority of handymen trust Leatherman as their go-to brand for multitools. But if you are wondering what are the best options among the Leatherman multitools, here we have compiled for you some of the best options when choosing your Leatherman best friend. After all, choosing the best Leatherman multitool ever for you does not have to be so difficult with the right knowledge and a little bit of research.

Leatherman Wave


The Leatherman Wave should be a name familiar to the vast majority of consumers. To clear the confusion, the Leatherman Wave referred to here, in this article, is the new Wave that has replaced the original Wave and is topping the multitool game. This new Wave is now equipped with a whopping 17 tool pieces squeezed into a small enough conveniently designed body for everyday carrying. Those tool pieces are: both a pair of regular and a pair of needle nose pliers, wire cutters, two 420HC knife blades including one that is serrated, a saw, a pair of scissors, a file for wood and metal, two drivers, a bottle opener, and even more. The whole multitool is made from 100% stainless steel and is sheathed in a leather/nylon cover that comes with a lanyard attachment. It weighs 8.5 ounces, measures 4 inches long, and comes with two options for you to choose: Either simple stainless steel or a black-oxide coating.

The reason why this model is Leatherman’s best-selling model for more than a decade is simple; the value of its unimaginably low price for the outstanding quality it offers as well as its clever design. With the Wave, the balance is perfect between all the features, the quality, and the cost. That is not to say this it is the best of the best that Leatherman can offer, as there are definitely better and higher quality models for those who can afford them, but this one should definitely be the best all around Leatherman multitool and what you should buy if you are not sure about what you want to buy.

Leatherman Charge TTi


Similar to its sister above, the Charge TTi also packs quite a show in its lightweight 8.2 ounces design. It comes with exactly 19 features, including a 420HC serrated knife blade designed with a cutting hook and a S30V steel knife blade of high quality, both a large and a small bit driver with a small selection of bits, a medium screwdriver, an opener each for cans and bottles, a pair of scissors, a saw, two files, regular and needle nose pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, and many more. For convenience, the Charge TTi design also incorporates a pocket clip which is replaceable and a lanyard ring, as well as a pair of scales comfortably sculpted on the titanium handle.

In summary, what makes this model slightly pricier than the Wave is the fact that it comes equipped with a better blade, a better sheath, some additional tools, the superior titanium over the stainless steel handle, and overall weighs a little bit less than the Wave model. It is up to you to decide whether these extra features are also worth the extra money you are going to pay for them, but if you are still not sure then the Wave model definitely remains as the more economical and better choice.

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Leatherman Skeletool


Next on the list is the Leatherman Skeletool, one of the more recent models from Leatherman that is extremely light, weighing just 5 ounces and stuffed with seven tool pieces in a 4-inch design. Those seven pieces are a pair of needle nose pliers and a pair of regular pliers, cutters for wire and hard wire, a 420HC stainless steel knife blade that is partially serrated, an opener each for carabiner and bottle, and a large bit driver. You also have the option to expand the possibilities of your Skeletool with Leatherman’s optional kit containing 21 double-ended bits. The entire tool is made of stainless steel, and the mentioned weight of 5 ounces makes this undoubtedly the lightest full-sized option in the multitool world.

It also comes with a pocket clip, but unfortunately you will have to buy the sheath separately as it does not come with a standard one. While the Skeletool cannot compete with its above brethrens in terms of functionality, the real charming point about the Skeletool lies in its ability to easily win the game of convenience as it can easily fit itself to your keychain or rest comfortably in your pocket. Moreover, the tool pieces the Skeletool comes equipped with can help you handle most common situations anyway.

Leatherman Juice CS4


Next, we have the Leatherman model specifically designed for people with considerably smaller hands and that’s the Juice CS4. It noticeably measures just 3.25 inches long when it is closed. It can essentially be considered as a mini version of the Wave with a few of the components intentionally left out for a tinier end product. That should not give you the wrong impression however. Even though it’s small, the tool still includes quite a spectacular collection of 15 different tool pieces including needle nose pliers and regular pliers, cutters for wire and hard wire, a 420HC knife blade, a saw, a pair of scissors, a stitch awl, an opener each for cans and bottles, a corkscrew, and four different screwdrivers ranging many varieties.

The tool is also light but durable thanks to its aluminum handles, which also include Type II blue anodized aluminum for a unique aesthetic approach. It might be a tough choice between the Juice CS4 and the Skeletool as they both are small and convenient, but the Skeletool is cheaper and somewhat lighter than the Juice CS4 and that could be the deciding factor between them.

Leatherman Surge


In contrast to those mentioned, the Leatherman Surge does not place an emphasis on efficient sizing, and as a result it belongs to the group of bigger tools and is among the largest models of Leatherman. It comes with 21 different tool pieces, including the biggest pair of pliers that Leatherman has to offer, a pair of 154CM replaceable cutters each for wire, hard wire, stranded wire, an electrical crimper, both a serrated and a non-serrated 420HC knife blade, a pair of scissors, an opener each for cans and bottles, files and screwdrivers, a stitch awl with a thread loop, and many more. The huge tool collection that the Leatherman Surge offers you has more tools than you will ever need.

The whole tool is significantly heavy at 12.5 ounces, and measures at 4.5 inches when it is closed. The tool has the option of stainless steel or black, and comes with a standard leather and nylon sheath. Do not be discouraged however, because of its monstrous size the Surge is specifically designed for the more challenging tasks that only it can perform well. It might not be too convenient of an EDC tool compared to its smaller and less heavy siblings for sure, but there is certainly a place and time for the Leatherman Surge to shine that it is definitely as a viable option.

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There you have it–our compilation of the top 5 Leatherman multitools. We hope you enjoyed our brief walkthrough for some of the best options to know about and to buy within the famous Leatherman family. We hope that you are now equipped with the proper knowledge to choose which is the best Leatherman multitool and also already have an idea in mind about which one you would want to spend your time with as your Leatherman best friend.

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