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My house lags entire game


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Hello, I am asking for help because I can't just do it by myself anymore. The problem is everytime I look at my house in minecraft It lags like hell. with SEUS Renewed shaders I get like 60-70fps most of the time but when I start looking at my home it drops to 15fps. 

I was looking everywhere on the internet but no one had the same problem as I.

What I could figure is that:

-Entities are not a problem, there is very little of them (and there is a cave under the house but It doesn't lag when I'm not looking in the direction of my house)

-Shaders aren't a problem as well, tried switching to different one and completely turning them off, the problem still exists.

-Light sources (lanterns etc.) aren't a problem as well, removed every one of them and still lags.


-I am running custom made modpack (97mods)

-I am playing on my own server (seperate computer) with my friends

-I also noticed that weird MB/s indicator (pops up with alt + f3) goes from about 100MB/s in a normal are, to 2000MB/s when I turn to my house then very quickly drops to 500-600MB/s and stays there while lagging as hell.

I've put some screenshots of the debug screen 

Thanks in advance

Have a great day




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