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[1.16] Display time in tooltip


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Hey everyone,

I've always been a fan of dynamic items that display useful information like the clock and compass, and I want to make my own take on the clock this time. Instead of having the texture update though, I would like it to display the current day time as a tooltip. Is this possible? From what I've gathered, tooltips are generated whenever an ItemStack is created, and then never touched again. Maybe I can do something with NBT? Hopefully someone can help me out, because I'm rather stuck.

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10 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Not true. Item#addInformation is called whenever the tooltip is displayed, every frame while it is on screen for example.

You're right, I completely missed that because it's called twice during setup as well and it crashed before I could test stuff in-game. It was stupid of me to assume it wasn't called in-game. I got things working now with a simple nullity check on the world parameter. Thanks for clearing things up!

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