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Changing the world serverside


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I am new to MC Modding and I was trying to make that the hoe makes multiple farmland blocks at once. This resulted into ghost blocks where I called the Block.replaceBlock method. Then I saw on the documentation that one should distinguish between server and client side. So I added

if (world.isRemote()) return;

 to the start of the event method. This should return on clientside. But then it is not working anymore. Shouldn't changing blockstates be on serverside? Or is there something I am missing?


    public void onRightClickBlock(final PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock event) {
        World world = event.getWorld();
        if (world.isRemote()) return;

        PlayerEntity player = event.getPlayer();
        Item tool = player.getHeldItem(event.getHand()).getItem();
        BlockPos pos = event.getPos();
        Block block = world.getBlockState(pos).getBlock();

        boolean isHoe = tool.getRegistryName().toString().endsWith("_hoe");
        if (!(isHoe && canTurnToFarmland(block))) return;

        BlockPos[] targetPositions = new BlockPos[]{ pos.east(), pos.north(), pos.west(), pos.south()};
        for (BlockPos bp : targetPositions) {
            Block currentBlock = world.getBlockState(bp).getBlock();
            if (!canTurnToFarmland(currentBlock) || new Random().nextDouble() > 0.6) continue;

                    world, bp, 1

        ItemStack stack = new ItemStack(tool);
        tool.setDamage(stack, tool.getDamage(stack)-30);

    private boolean canTurnToFarmland(Block block) {
        return block == Blocks.DIRT || block == Blocks.GRASS_BLOCK || block == Blocks.GRASS_PATH;


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1 hour ago, Beethoven92 said:

Take a look at flags usage in World#setBlockState function...the Block.replaceBlock function uses flags the same way. Also you can subscribe to the UseHoeEvent instead of the RIghtClickBlock event

* 1 will cause a block update.
* 2 will send the change to clients.
* 4 will prevent the block from being re-rendered.
* 8 will force any re-renders to run on the main thread instead
* 16 will prevent neighbor reactions (e.g. fences connecting, observers pulsing).
* 32 will prevent neighbor reactions from spawning drops.
* 64 will signify the block is being moved.

I tried with the flags 1 and 2:

                    world, bp, 1 | 2


And it doesn't seem to have worked. I still have ghost blocks (even tried a fresh world). Which flags should I use?


PS: The UseHoeEvent is deprected:

public class UseHoeEvent extends PlayerEvent



It works now on serverside, since flag 2 sends the change to the client. But there still are ghost blocks (it gets very laggy when a run on the created farmland, its like walking through thick transparent laggy liquid, but you are able to walk through eventually)


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