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  1. Well, your ChocolateForest class is not extending the Biome class, its just a normal class that, for the compiler, has absolutely nothing to do with the Biome class. This is why the compiler is complaining there and not accepting the constructor of your class. On the other hand, it is true that you cannot extends the Biome class anymore, so you have to find a different way to obtain a Biome object to supply to your registry object. I suggest taking a good look here: https://github.com/Choonster-Minecraft-Mods/TestMod3/blob/1.16.x/src/main/java/choonster/testmod3/init/ModBiomes.java
  2. Override isStickyBlock in your custom block class
  3. i think you can get them from vanilla registries
  4. Why don't you use the onBlockActivated method of your custom log class to handle this? You can take a look at this template class that represents a stripable log: https://github.com/Beethoven92/BetterEndForge/blob/master/src/main/java/mod/beethoven92/betterendforge/common/block/template/StripableLogBlockTemplate.java
  5. You need to look how the floating islands world preset is generated then (in the DimensionSettings class you can see the settings used by the floating islands world type)..to override the Nether chunk generator you would have to create a new NoiseChunkGenerator instance. Look at the getNetherChunkGenerator method in the DimensionType class..however instead of trying to replace the vanilla nether, unless you really want to do that, i would go for a custom world type which generates how you want (which would be far easier and would not require core modding)
  6. So, removing some of the features from nether biomes is quite simple, you would need to handle the BiomeLoadingEvent, retrieve the features you don't want from each Nether biome and remove them from the feature list. Example on how to use the BiomeLoadingEvent to add or remove features here: https://github.com/Beethoven92/BetterEndForge/blob/master/src/main/java/mod/beethoven92/betterendforge/common/event/forge/BiomeModification.java You should specify a bit more what do you mean by "remove all other terrains"...but for things like that and removing the bedrock ceiling there is no easy or mod-compatible way to achieve them. You would need to create a custom DimensionSettings object for the Nether and replace the vanilla one. Useful classes to look at are: NoiseChunkGenerator and DimensionSettings
  7. Which is your goal exactly? I mean, how you intend to transform the nether generation?
  8. Wait, do you want to create a new world type which looks similar to the Nether, or do you want to actually change the vanilla Nether generation itself?
  9. As i already said, the code above should not even compile..could you send a link to your repository so we can see the whole code please?
  10. Define doesn't work please, also why you call your handler "renderPlayerPre" if you are listening to the EntityEvent.Size event? The code above shouldn't even compile, where did you define "event"? You probably meant to use "size" there. One last thing, the Size event is fired also in the constructor of the Entity, where it is unlikely a riding entity already exists..you can easily check that by logging something to the console inside the if statement and check if the message appears or not
  11. All right, you changed it, thats good..so, at this point i think it would be better if you could post a link to your repository (make one if you haven't yet) so we can see the whole thing..
  12. what is "befat"? I thought your mod id was "tme" (as seen in the first json you posted)..also why did you separate advancements and recipes folder? You can put both of them in data."your_mod_id"
  13. Have you tried looking for existing usages of the damageItem method in vanilla code? Try looking at the shears item class for example
  14. Because you still have to bind a renderer to the entity. The default SpriteRenderer should be fine
  15. You need to override createSpawnPacket in your entity, and return NetworkHooks.getEntitySpawningPacket
  16. Your entity is in fact bound to an EntityType<EnderPearlEntity>, instead of your custom pearl entity type, see that in your entity constructors your are not passing in any entity type because the super class(EnderPearlEntity) already provides its own, which is not what you want..i suggest you just extend the projectile item entity class and replicate the Ender pearl behavior where needed
  17. Mmm that is the registry name of the item. If you take a look into the ItemTags class you will see what the name of the tag for coals is
  18. Do you have a repository? If so, please post a link to it
  19. Isn't the minecraft tag for coals..."minecraft:coals"?
  20. Well, since you changed your field type from Item to Supplier<Item> you need to make adjustements everywhere that field is used (knowing Java would be very helpful in this case..). Now that you changed repairItem type to Supplier<Item> you can think it like that: now your actual Item object is closed inside a box, which is the Supplier. Everytime you need to get the actual Item object (so the content of the box, not the box) you need to call repairItem.get() ...this open the box so you can retrieve your object
  21. You can just do itemStack.damageItem. Is the item you are trying to damage actually damageable? Also be sure you are not testing this in creative mode
  22. Supplier<Item> Tough since getRepairMaterial return an Ingredient it would be more correct to define your repairItem field as a Supplier<Ingredient> instead
  23. Do you really need to extend the sprite renderer? Just override getDefaultItem in your CorruptPearlEntity class and return the corresponding item
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