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I have downloaded a 1.16.3 mod called "In Control" which lets me mess around with the configurations of the game so I can adjust the spawning, strength, and drops of all the mobs.

Currently, I am trying to make a mod pack for my friend's birthday. He likes Minecraft on the difficult side so I am trying to adjust the code so Pillagers, Vindicators and Ravagers spawn naturally during the day, and cave spiders naturally at night.


The problem is I have no clue what I am doing and can only successfully get one to spawn naturally at a time, and even then I can only get that one mob to spawn at night.

From what I understand, the only two configs I should be messing with are "spawn" and "potential spawn".


Here is a photo of the code I put into the spawn config, and here is the code I put into the potentialspawn config. For the spawn and potentialspawn configurations, I left out cave spiders and ravagers simply because I don't want to mess up the code more. So in summary, I do not know how to combine multiple code entries together to get multiple mobs to spawn naturally in the day and one at night.


I could not find any 1.16.3 mods that can do the job for me, so any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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