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There are precise lighting requirements for multi-function gym machine where people participate in sporting activities like volleyball, basketball and gymnastics, so that players can see plainly and be safe while playing. Typically, the types of lights used will be determined by the size of the gymnasium. Read more: máy tập gym đa năng
Multi-function gym machine Haruko Viet Nam
On single gymnasium or basketball floors, lights will be installed on the ceiling and they will be spaced apart in rows equally. The size of the gym will determine the number of luminary lights that will be installed. A small gymnasium with only 5 feet around each basket and sideline can appropriately be lit with 8 luminary lights that are evenly spaced along the ceiling. On the other hand, if the gymnasium is very large, it will require more lights so as too cover dark spots. About 24 evenly spaced luminary lights can be hung over one large gymnasium's court and they should be mounted at 22 feet above the floor of the gym.
Double and Triple Court Layouts
Some gyms have two basketball courts side by side while others have a third, larger court that runs perpendicular through the middle of others. The floors of gyms like this are apparently very big and require lighting according to their sizes. The total number of lights that can be used ranges between 36 and 64, depending on the amount of the surrounding area of the court. They are usually hung at 22 feet above the ground and evenly spaced in rows along the ceiling. Click here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/harukovn/51404787047/
Twin Lights
Twin lights are used on basketball courts and multi-function gym machine Haruko because they are more beneficial than the single-light luminary fixtures. They consume less electricity over time, more efficient, are intensely bright, often have a longer lamp life and create a softer glow on the floor of the gym. However, they are ideal for smaller gyms and can be hung in two rows over the court in sets of 12, but there is no need to evenly space them.
They can be hung where needed along the ceiling of the gymnasium so that they can light any dark spots that may be present. They should also be hung at about 22 feet above the ground in accordance with acceptable standards. Lighting a multi-function gym machine Haruko Viet Nam must be carried out properly so that games played on it will be totally enjoyed. Consequently, it is important to get the lighting right in addition to other requirements that will make the gym a standard one.

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