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How to setup keybinds 1.15

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I can't seem to find any help on keybinds for 1.15 I have registered my keybinds and I know I have to send packets to server because I want to make change in Item properties
I also saw a tutorial on how to send packets (MCJTY's )but the problem is what should I do in the packets if I want to make keybinds. what should be in the packets.. what info what to send I have sincerely no clue. i don't have any experience in keybinds and packets so please bare me if my doubt is stupid

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  public boolean handle(Supplier<NetworkEvent.Context> ctx) {
	        ctx.get().enqueueWork(() -> {
	            ServerWorld spawnWorld = ctx.get().getSender().world.getServer().getWorld(type);
	            EntityType<?> entityType = ForgeRegistries.ENTITIES.getValue(id);
	            if (entityType == null) {
	                throw new IllegalStateException("This cannot happen! Unknown id '" + id.toString() + "'!");
	            entityType.spawn(spawnWorld, null, null, pos, SpawnReason.SPAWN_EGG, true, true);
	        return true;

this is the handle method I saw in the tutorial how should I change the item's properties
I want to make a wand that changes the spell on pressing a key so I will have to change the item's state

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All the info you need to send is "the key was pressed". If you only have one key binding, it can just be an empty packet. The arrival of the packet itself is information enough for the server to know, that the key was pressed.

You then need to verify that it's okay to perform this action now for the player and then do it.

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