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Custom worldgen Features 1.16.3


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I've gotten custom biomes down and have them generating with vanilla features, but defining new features is giving me hell and I can't find good resources on them (Thank you forge docs for not even mentioning world gen).

I created the deferred registry and have the `.register(id, () -> new AbstractFeatureBase(NoFeatureConfig.field_236558_a_)));` pattern and finally I have

`genBuilder.func_242513_a(GenerationStage.Decoration.VEGETAL_DECORATION, feature);` where `genBuilder` is of type `BiomeGenerationSettingsBuilder` and `feature` is of type `ConfiguredFeature<?,?>`


I guess all I need to do is turn the `Feature<?>` that is created with `register()`  into a `ConfiguredFeature<?,?>`. I think I have to use `.withConfiguration(IFeatureConfig.NO_FEATURE_CONFIG)` but it's not working.

Here's my repo. I just realized that my features are in net.minecraft instead of jam.jamfactory so I'll fix that in a bit.

If you need more explanation of what I'm asking for I'll try to give it, but I don't quite understand this yet 😛
Any help is appreciated!

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12 minutes ago, Beethoven92 said:

Define "not working"

Good question. 
I don't really understand features at all so all I can offer you is that in the line 

addBiome("caelum_forest", Category.SWAMP, .15f, .8f, BiomeTemplate.DEFAULT_OVERWORLD_SKY_COLOR, BiomeTemplate.DEFAULT_OVERWORLD_FOG_COLOR, BiomeTemplate.DEFAULT_OVERWORLD_WATER_COLOR,	BiomeTemplate.DEFAULT_OVERWORLD_WATER_FOG_COLOR, color(0,50, 70), color(0, 100, 150), GrassColorModifier.NONE, ParticleTypes.ENCHANT, .01f, 0f, .8f, new ConfiguredFeature<?, ?>[] {Features.field_243934_cq, features.get("test").get().withConfiguration(IFeatureConfig.NO_FEATURE_CONFIG) }, new StructureFeature<?,?>[] {StructureFeatures.field_244151_q});

".withConfiguration(IFeatureConfig.NO_FEATURE_CONFIG)" is underlined and it says "The method withConfiguration(capture#3-of ?) in the type Feature<capture#3-of ?> is not applicable for the arguments (NoFeatureConfig)."

If I cast features.get("test").get() as a Feature<NoFeatureConfig> the red line goes away but the game crashes on load with only the message "Mod Loading has failed" and points to the line that I pasted above

I don't even need help with this specifically, I just need a working example of features using deferred registries

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