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Simple First Person Animation


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How would I go about changing first person animation that results from a call of onItemRightClick?

I've found the FirstPersonRenderer class, and the relevant method renderItemInFirstPerson(), but seeing as all animations in this class seem to be hard-coded, is there any way for me to add my own animations?

To be clear, I do not want to animate the item model in any way (since I've read in the documentation that cannot be triggered with events), I just want to implement a simple movement of the item from the first person point of view. Specifically, I'd like for the item to briefly recoil towards the player after being used.

Of course, if this is all outside the range of the API, I would also like to know that so I can move on to something else.

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Thanks, I can use this. However, I was wondering if there were any way to smoothly animate the position of the item in the hand. For example, something that would allow me to put some modifier on the first person positioning encoded in a model's JSON file.

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