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Minecraft 1.12.2 not working with Forge


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My 8 year old son is playing a lot of Minecraft, and it seems that 1.12.2 is the only one that runs good on his laptop, a few months ago he asked me if I could install the "furniture mod", I have tried it but I failed.
His java has the latest update, I have checked that first.
What happens, when he clicks on the 1.12.2 forge profile, you can see that something is downloading but then it stops (or finishes) but nothing happens, when he selects the "normal" version, it loads.
He does not have a mod folder, nor does it creates logs when the forge profile is selected.
When I check the versions folder, I can see the forge profile, it contains only the json file.
I double checked if I had the correct download or installer but it all seems correct.

Later versions of Minecraft are extremely slow on his laptop (Lenovo X1, i7 (7th gen), 16gb, but a crappy display card).

What am I missing or doing incorrect?

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