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[SOLVED] [1.16.4] Different ways to spawn a dropped item during an event


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I've been building some fun blocks to add in game, one of which is a mound which can contain a sword sticking out of it that you can pick up. I've figured out how to add these mounds and work with them, but when the "PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock" event is fired on these mounds, I want them to drop the sword they are holding.

The "FullMound" class I have to register these mounds has an instance variable to store the sword which is given to them, so I can easily call back the sword, but I would like to know of a seamless way to make a dropped item version of these swords drop in-game. I know I can probably add the sword to the list of drops of the "Mound" block, then destroy the block to drop the sword, then update the state of that block before the player sees that the mound block disappeared for a bit. I just want to know if there is any more seamless way to drop an item in-game when an event is called.

This is what I was trying but this doesn't do anything because I think I'm looking in the wrong places for a solution.

The ".getContained()" method shown here gets the Item stored in the mound if that helps.

new ItemEntity(world, blockPos.getX(), blockPos.getY(), blockPos.getZ(),

This may be a server-client thing that I'm too much of a noob to understand, but any help is appreciated!

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You've only create an instance of ItemEntity, use World#addEntity to add it to the world.
Also it should be done on server side, where iirc the event you are using is client only, you can use onBlockActivate in your block class, otherwise send a packet.

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