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[SOLVED] [1.16.4] Weird CR box in mods.toml description


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Problem solved, thanks ChampionAsh. I used Notepad++ to edit the mods.toml file. On the bottom of Notepad++, there's a line that says Windows CR LF. I clicked on it and changed it to Unix LF, and the boxes were gone.




I recently got this weird thing a few weeks ago where the description of my mod has these "carriage return" boxes instead of just going to the next line. The text file encoding is UTF-8. I dismissed it at first since it wasn't very important but I haven't found a resolution yet and it's getting on my nerves. I use eclipse and to edit it, and I just used the windows notepad to make changes to the file. I have no idea what I did to mess it up like this. Does anybody know what's going on? Here's the mods.toml file.

modLoader="javafml" #mandatory

loaderVersion="[34,)" #mandatory (35 is current forge version)

[[mods]] #mandatory
modId="oresabovediamonds" #mandatory
version="6.2.0" #mandatory
displayURL="https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/ores-above-diamonds" #optional
displayName="Ores Above Diamonds" #mandatory
logoFile="oresabovediamonds_logo.png" #optional
# A text field displayed in the mod UI
authors="§dSquidsword" #optional
credits="Special thanks to §6CriativeMan1§r for the making the art for this mod!"
# The description text for the mod (multi line!) (#mandatory)
Adds the §dAmethyst§r and §5Black Opal§r which are respectively §d3x§r and §59x§r rarer than diamonds.
Both have its own set of balanced armors and tools.

It's recommended to download Overloaded Armor Bar along with this mod.

The mod doesn't have built in retrogen support. This means that ores will not spawn in already loaded chunks. Venture far into unexplored lands to have a chance at finding them.
# Here's another dependency




Here's the repository. 

Edited by Squidsword
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