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[1.15.x-1.16.x] Multiple Mod/Library Development


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Could someone cover how they handle libraries and multiple mod development [preferably in eclipse but IntelliJ as well would be a good pointer in the right direction]
As a example... Say you have two mods and a common library.. how you would manage this.

Or point to a good up to date tutorial relevant to current IDE's.
Found a few online but they depend on older eclipse for functions of the application that seem to no longer exist in newer versions.

Currently I have a GRADLE Multi-Project Build running.
I'm able to use the run_client for each mod as a stand alone for testing and coding.
I have all my library code duplicated in each mod as part of the mod and any small change has to be made in each of the mods.
I can also use the gradle wrapper app to run all the mods as if I they were just mods in the mod folder of the gradle wrapper app,
great for seeing how everything interacts, but again not so much for debugging.

But seems like the library code needs to be in its own mod. NOTE: the mods are related but can be run without the others so the end user can pick and choose.
As part of the run_client I could have  the library compiled and inserted into the mods in the run folder for running the single mod.
Would not help much when debugging the library mods though.

Guessing there is no real easy answer for handling and debugging the library code short of having the code in the mod during development as I do now.
Maybe moving it out when compiling and making a separate library mod at that point or working blind as I have been doing and relying on the debug log for debugging.

Have I overthought this or swerved off into irrelevant second guessing and should just stick with CURRENT SETUP

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