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Ticking World Crashes [1.16.4]


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Hi, I'm experiencing Ticking World crashs in the latest version of forge (forge 35.1.36 for Minecraft1.16.4, as of my cracked client for Tlauncher but I do have the official launcher but I use Tlauncher for modded. 


Anyways this ain't important, what's actually important is my report about what's going on with the latest version of forge for me).


When I tried to load into my modded survival world before deleting it due to having thoughts about this being mod related that an entity from a mod that I had recently uninstalled was causing the ticking world crash.


Then I tried to make a new fresh modded world and the new world instantly dies right before I was even able to spawn into the world (ticking world crash).


When I created a new world with forge 35.1.32 I was able to spawn into the new world which was when I discovered that my ticking world crashs are Forge related and are only happening in Forge 35.1.36.

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I know that I'm not supposed to use cracked launchers but from when I started playing java edition back in 2016 or so till near the end of 2020 that I can't buy Minecraft since I don't have any money but someone on a discord server was kind enough to buy me the game for my main Microsoft account so that I wouldn't have to use Tlauncher anymore😥😥😥


Btw I would like to bring an update about my report that forge 35.1.35 and 35.1.36 aren't working for me cause I think I have a mod or mods that are not working past forge 35.1.34 anymore.


Since I may be the only one who's experiencing this problem, so even tho this problem is forge related but a mod may be causing this issue if one of my mods not working with forge past 35.1.34..


Unfortunately I'm not willing to go through my mods folder and butcher it and accidentally on purpose kill my newly created worlds just to find out which one of my mods that I'm using is not working past 35.1.34 that is causing this problem to occur as of right now cause I just want to start my modded minecraft play session now...


Also I'm sorry for sayin that I'm a cracked client/user even though I do officially own Minecraft now (thanks to a friend from a discord server that I joined a few weeks ago) as of my main Microsoft account😥😥😥


But I'm still going to use Tlauncher cause when I used the official launcher that I couldn't see Project MMO's texts on my screen in-game...


Even when I turned on and off the skills GUI for project MMO mod I still couldn't see the skills on my screen except for when I use Tlauncher which is why I'm still using Tlauncher or else I would've deleted Tlauncher since I officially own the game now and that can't accumulate as much RAM as I used to since the official launcher let's me accumulate up to 3072 (2997 for Tlauncher)😥😥😥

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