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Simulate mouse break block while window unfocused


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I simply try to simulate the holding of the left mouse button to continuously break blocks, but with the ability to unfocuse the window. I found:

KeyBinding.setKeyBindState(ClientProxy.mousePress.getKey(), keyDown);

wich allows the wanted Key to be pressed, but requires the window to be focused.


The other thing I found was:

mc.player.swing(Hand.MAIN_HAND, true);



But this only makes the wanted hand moving but without any influence on the surrounding. Looks funny, but is useless 😄


I call both commands in the ClientTickEvent and they were executed as expected.


Any idea what I can do?



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Normally you can use F3 + T to reload resourses and keep the mouse clicked for using a cobble generator for example. But this requires mc to be focused and doesnt allow my computer to be used in an other context. I just want to allow my computer doing other stuff while simply breaking blocks in background.

If the F3 + T combination is considert as cheating, then I am sorry for asking such questions her

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