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Register an item that uses another as a container? (1.15.2)


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I recently changed my registration structure to use deferred register for scalability reasons and have encountered an error.


One of my items called GAS_TANK, and is being registered like so:

//Gas Tanks
public static final RegistryObject<Item> GAS_TANK = ITEMS.register("gas_tank",
        () -> new Item(PropertiesGeneric));

private static final Item.Properties PropertiesGasTank = new Item.Properties().group(solidarityGroup)//solidarityGroup)

public static final RegistryObject<Item> GAS_TANK_CO2 = ITEMS.register("gas_tank_co2",
        () -> new Item(PropertiesGasTank));
public static final RegistryObject<Item> GAS_TANK_SO2 = ITEMS.register("gas_tank_so2",
        () -> new Item(PropertiesGasTank));

I'm trying to make some more items that use GAS_TANK as a containerItem, similar water/lava buckets, so they won't be consumed when used as an ingredient or fuel. However, since GAS_TANK won't be registered yet, it gives me an error when trying to run the line that defines PropertiesGasTank.

How should I arrange/modify the code so that I can set GAS_TANK as the containerItem for the gas tank variants?

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