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Server Console errors


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I just picked up a hosted Minecraft server and have been experiencing some major lag. I investigated the console of the server and found these two errors in red :[10:05:04] [Thread-1/FATAL] [co.sh.st.Statues/]: Statues' config just got changed on the file system!
[10:05:04] [Thread-1/FATAL] [mc.th.TheOneProbe/CORE]: theoneprobe config just got changed on the file system!


Once this happens this is when The following errors show on the console : Server thread/WARN] [minecraft/MinecraftServer]: Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Running 3564ms or 71 ticks behind


Once this happens on the client side normally there are huge lag spikes and either the players get disconnected/die/fall through world. These are some of the issues that have been reported. 


Specs on the server-  it is on the mcprohosting site and is the 8g package. the number of players on at any time are about 5-7. the mod pack running on the server and client sides are the Direwolf20 1.16 1.3.1 mod pack. I know there is a recent update for this pack and currently waiting for assistance on upgrading the package. I am new to this and have submitted tickets to the site about this but it has been almost a day with no response. I am trying to research and see what I can do to solve this in the mean time. 


thanks for any information or assistance in advance.

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