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[1.16.4] Generation Help


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Started to update my mod to 1.16.4 and i hit a roadblock.

I started my mod in 1.12 and lost my computer so my work halted, But what i had working was overriding the nether generation and putting overworld generation on top essentially replacing the bedrock layer with layers that would have hills, lava lakes, lava rivers, trees, etc...; added biomes so there would some variation.

At that time i had to create a world provider and chunk generator and replace the nether world provider. Obviously this has changed to the new json format

What i have working is the dimension json and the dimension type json (tested with a new dimension and then overriding the default nether), can add biomes to it.

My question is with this new json system it appears the chunk generator is called from the json nether being (multi_noise).
Am i going down the wrong path here or what are the proper steps. What is recommended here?




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