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Told me I have to choose which app to open it with?

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When I tried downloading forge I waited for 6 seconds for the skip button to pop up and when it did I pressed it and then it said "open with what app?" or something along the lines.I chose internet explorer since it was the only reasonable one. It gave me adobe, internet explorer, notepad, media player, and microsoft paint. I really am confused but at the same time also really want to download mods for minecraft. Please help!  P.S I did choose the correct version of MC (1.16.5) so don't ask about that 

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I had the same issue. First make sure you have the latest version of Java installed then use Jarfix. Doing this fixed the issue for me and made it so I could just double click the file to open the installer. All Jarfix does is fix the file association for .JAR files.


Here's the link to jarfix.


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