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Server can't keep up - good hardware, 2 players


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my forge 1.16.4 server is lagging from time to time, especially whem generating new chunks, but sometimes I'll also get the error message that it can't keep it / its overloaded even though we're not moving around very much. It's a 2 player server for me and a buddy.

I have allocated 6gb of ram (from my 16gb) and they aren't being used completely, so that shouldn't be the issue

I'm running the server on a home computer with a ryzen 7 3700x. I have 5 megabytes download and around 1 MB of upload speed.

Any clues? I thought maybe I can use some more jvm arguments but I haven't found proper discussions for 1.16.x servers yet.

We are using 71 mods, which sounds like a huge lot but can't be the problem since the server has been like this since we started out with 6 mods. The performance hasn't gotten worse nor better with the added mods. 

Thanks in advance. 

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